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Parkland Pilates of Coral Springs

The FIRST & BEST Original Pilates® Studio

Welcome to Parkland Pilates of Coral Springs

Parkland Pilates of Coral Springs was a certified Original Pilates Studio in South Florida and offered a wide variety of Pilates classes. Francene Perel was the owner and instructor of all the Pilates Classes. Francene is making the Web site available as a Pilates educational resource. The Web site provides information about Pilates instruction, including the Original Pilates Method of instruction. By browsing this website you will be able to see not only what was done by Francene Perel at Parkland Pilates, but also why it mattered.

Quality of instruction cannot be measured in square feet! While there are larger gyms and private Pilates studios in the area, we stand above the rest, providing maximum attention at minimum prices to small class sizes.

If you like Pilates Group Reformer classes,
you'll LOVE our Pilates Power Tower classes!

Parkland Pilates of Coral Springs Parkland Pilates of Coral Springs

Parkland Pilates of Coral Springs is the FIRST and BEST Certified Original Pilates® Studio in Coral Springs. It is a small private Pilates studio catering to women, including pre-teens, teens, seniors and professional athletes. We offer private, semi-private and group Pilates instruction and Pilates equipment training with state-of-the-art Peak Pilates spring equipment. We provide professional quality heavily padded leather mats for everyone in all of our Pilates classes. How to pick a Pilates training facility and qualified Pilates instructor in Coral Springs can be confusing. Click here to read what Parkland Pilates of Coral Springs recommends to aid you in this dilemma.

Francene Perel, studio owner, is a highly qualified and certified Pilates instructor. She has been trained and certified in Original Pilates® by Mary Pilates, niece of Joseph H. Pilates, her uncle and inventor of the method. Mary is the only person alive today to have actually taught Pilates in the original studio beside Joseph Pilates and can tell you exactly how he taught Pilates. Hence, it has gone from Joe to Mary to Fran. Francene is also trained and certified in the Stott Method of Contemporary Pilates.

Francene holds numerous health and fitness certifications as well. In addition Francene has developed and trademarked her own unique form of exercise, Pilatesculpt®, combining Original Pilates®, Contemporary Pilates and her numerous fitness certifications into the most effective form of exercise on the market and available in the local Parkland / Coral Springs area today. Pilatesculpt® is guaranteed to take unwanted inches of your body. View our Benefits of Pilates and Pilatesculpt® before and after pictures and see the results for yourself!

Parkland Pilates of Coral Springs is a prominent and well-respected Pilates studio and is in its third year of operation in the same Coral Springs location. The business originated in Parkland and the studio relocated to Coral Springs in 2003, retaining the name Parkland Pilates. Parkland Pilates was (and still remains) so well known and associated with the highest quality Pilates instruction and customer service, for clarification of location, the studio was re-named Parkland Pilates of Coral Springs. Francene Perel is heavily involved in the Coral Springs community. She is an active member of the Coral Springs Chamber of Commerce, where she is a member of the Education Committee. Parkland Pilates of Coral Springs is a member of the City of Coral Springs Retail Business Partner Program where Francene Perel works to publicize Coral Springs events and support various services provided by the City.

Parkland Pilates serves Coral Springs, Boca Raton, Coconut Creek, Tamarac, Margate, Sunrise and surrounding areas of Broward and Palm Beach County, Florida.

Planning a vacation? We are a featured amenity of the Coral Springs Marriott Hotel and Golf Club and Convention Center. Free shuttle service is provided to the studio for all overnight guests.

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Francene Perel founded Parkland Pilates Inc., a South Florida Pilates Studio in 2003 along with a co-partner / co-owner of equal business shares. The business was located in Coral Springs, of Broward County in South Florida. Francene Perel taught Pilates Exercises on the Mat as well as on Pilates Equipment based upon the Pilates philosophies, principles and theories of the method of teaching of Joseph H. Pilates. Francene Perel along with her partner conducted Original Pilates® instruction at Parkland Pilates from February 2004 to July 2005. Mary Pilates, niece of Joseph H. Pilates, the inventor of the Pilates Method, certified Parkland Pilates as the first studio in the United States as an Original Pilates® Studio after having successfully demonstrated excellence in execution of the necessary skills as originally taught by Joseph H. Pilates. Additionally, Francene Perel was trained by Mary Pilates and met the qualifications to become a Certified Pilates Instructor in the Original Pilates® Method. Mary Pilates LeRiche owns The United States of America Certificate of Registration, with the number of the registration: 2,932,145, which was registered on March 8, 2005 named Original Pilates® for providing Pilates Lessons, Pilates Seminars, and Pilates Workshops on Pilates Physical Conditioning and Pilates Training in the Use and Operation of Pilates Exercise Equipment and the Facilities Thereto Conduct the Aforementioned Pilates Services. Mary Pilates taught her distinguishable knowledge and expertise held in the acknowledged records of the United States Patent and Trademark Office to Francene Perel. Thus, Francene Perel was enabled to be an exercise and physical fitness South Florida Pilates program provider particularizing in Pilates as a Health and Wellness Instructor. Francene Perel, amongst other things, taught women's fitness specializing in training Pilates Instruction to private, semi-private and small groups of Pilates clients at Parkland Pilates. Mary Pilates licensed Parkland Pilates Inc. of South Florida, and Francene Perel, to the extent and so long as Francene Perel was connected to Parkland Pilates Inc., a non-revocable, non-exclusive license to use The United States of America Certificate Of Registration, Number 2,932,15 to the named registrant Original Pilates® owned by Mary Pilates LeRiche. Mary Pilates noted it in the agreement that this was not to be an endorsement of Parkland Pilates, Inc., or any other person such as Francene Perel. Mary Pilates was appointed as an Honorary Member and Executive Director of Original Pilates® Instruction Exclusively for Parkland Pilates dated February 21, 2004 and held this position until the termination date of July 10, 2005. A plaque was placed on the Parkland Pilates Studio wall noting her position during the time of Mary Pilates Service with these exact engraved words. In addition, Parkland Pilates earned recognition given to Mary Pilates; Parkland Pilates registered Original Pilates® to be used as a mark under class 0041 on May 18, 2004 with the State of Florida, Department of State. The number of this mark is T04000000621 given under the hand and the Great Seal of the State of Florida at Tallahassee, the Capitol, the Nineteenth day of May 2004 by Glenda E. Hood. Mary Pilates generously donated some of her personal photographs and belongings of her Uncle Joseph H. Pilates as a museum collection, which made its first debut at Parkland Pilates, the first South Florida location to display some of the private collection belonging to the legacy Mary was given by her Uncle Joe and was named The Mary Pilates Museum. A plaque bearing the inscription: "Original Pilates Collection" Dedicated to Parkland Pilates, Inc., March 2004 was placed on the studio wall to title the collection where personal notes to Mary and never before shown photographs were placed. Examples of such interesting memorabilia included the first restored copy of the actual and famous photo, which hung in Joseph Pilates' New York Studio and in addition, the original order form to purchase the works of Joseph H. Pilates originally published and sold for $3.75 in 1945, titled, "Return to Life through Contrology".
Archived pictures and videos newly added to this website were gifts from Mary Pilates to Francene Perel, specifically obtained only by this means of acquisition and for Francene to use as she chose. Newly added past media related to the original Parkland Pilates business and website were intended for display and were never added to the website until now. Others were public domain.
Pilatesculpt® is an original form of Pilates Exercises invented singularly by Francene Perel. In her passion to uphold the fundamental theories of health and wellness of Joseph H. Pilates, Francene developed the exciting women's fitness Program named Pilatesculpt® and began teaching the Pilatesculpt® Exercise Program to women exclusively at her South Florida Pilates Studio, Parkland Pilates. Shortly after the debut of Pilatesculpt® by Francene Perel, the name Pilatesculpt® was uniquely recognized and trademarked by the United States of America Patent and Trademark Office as well as a Registered Service Mark Supplemental Register on August 22, 2006 with the Reg. No. 3,134,463. Francene Perel taught Pilatesculpt® exclusively at Parkland Pilates of South Florida and the Pilatesculpt® Mark was for: providing training, lessons and workshops in connection with a Physical Fitness Program that combines Classical Pilates Exercises and Contemporary Pilates Exercises with Body Sculpting and includes the use of equipment with the Registration Number 3,134,463 in Class 41 (US CLS 100, 101 and 107) and Serial Number 76-644,472, signed by Curtis French, Examining Attorney. This unique Pilates Program was designed by Francene Perel to obtain maximum results in minimal time in order to serve the need for women's fitness, added ability to reach their peak performance at their women's exercise, and women's weight loss programs.
Pilatesculpt® is registered to Parkland Pilates and Francene Perel on the Internet with Trademarkia, a search engine for trademarks, logos, user names and domains on the Internet. Pilatesculpt® is also registered with Internet Trademark Publication, Register of Protected Trademarks with the issue date of March 3, 2008. Francene Perel also invented and trademarked Mat For Men® with the State of Florida, Department of State. The Florida of State, Division of Corporations issued this mark to Francene Perel of Parkland Pilates, Inc. on April 26, 2006 the number of this mark is T06000000520 and was signed in the state capitol by Sue M. Cobb. During the course of teaching Pilates and Pilatesculpt, Francene Perel noted a need to address the special needs of men as a separate entity from the rendered necessities and desires of her female clientele at Parkland Pilates. While training such famous football athletes such as Jerome McDougle of the Philadelphia Eagles and Stockar McDougle, Member of the Miami Dolphins and later, of the Jacksonville sport, Mat For Men® was born.
In the mid-portion of 2005, the name of Parkland Pilates was changed to Parkland Pilates of Coral Springs. Francene Perel singularly owned and operated Parkland Pilates of Coral Springs from July 9, 2005 until present time and has now chosen to close the Coral Springs business. The original website known as Parkland Pilates of Coral Springs will remain (with deleted, no longer pertinent information) for your viewing pleasure.
New to the website you will see the debut and addition of Pilates by Francene Perel, which will include increased content, archived photos and relevant information. The content will grow and function as an educational resource tool, as Francene Perel remains as passionately dedicated as ever, to the Pilates Method. Please check back frequently. Join our mailing list, as new and exciting changes; services and information will be posted as the portion of the Pilates by Francene Perel website evolves.

Copyright © 2003-2012, Francene Perel. The contents of this website are not for reprint or use in any manner without permission by Francene Perel.
*Mary Pilates also includes several other variations of her name such as: Mary Pilates LeRiche, and Mary Pilates Leriche.